Spectacular pyramids across the globe, that aren't in Egypt

From the Aztec pyramids of Mexico to temples of Indonesia, and even modern-day buildings from the last century, here’s our pick of the world’s most intriguing pyramids outside of Egypt.

This Himalayan lake has a dark history

There's a glacial lake in the Himalayas that conceals a sinister secret. In the 1940s, a disturbing discovery was made, yet it wasn't until the 21st century that the mystery was finally unraveled. Or was it? Click through the gallery to learn about the icy Skeleton Lake, and draw your own conclusions.

Travel Safety: Tips for Women, LGBTQ+, and Persons with Disabilities

I once had a creepy guy approach me in a Uniqlo store overseas. He grabbed my hands, called me beautiful, and begged me to let him take a photo of me. Mind you, this was in the middle of the afternoon in a bustling shopping mall, not in some secluded, dark alleyway or sketchy corner of the city at night. It was a yucky experience, but I’ve heard worse. Take this Redditor for example: [caption id="attachment_88421" align="aligncenter"...

Want to Keep Deer From Eating Your Garden? Here's What to Plant

If Bambi likes to visit your garden, this list is for you.

Fans Can Channel Their Inner Chocolatier and Stay in “Wonka”-Themed Hotel Suites — Find Out How!

The themed hotel rooms are located at Park Lane New York in New York City and Viceroy Santa Monica in Los Angeles

Harry Winston Holiday Collection 2023: Dazzling sparkles and treasures aboard the Winston Express

Your one-way ticket on the Winston Express is a holiday journey filled with the most amazing sparklers and treasures this Christmas. Harry Winston invites you onboard the Winston Express this holiday season with a one-way ticket across sugar loaf mountains and glistening fairytale landscapes. Destination? Happiness. On every stop, dazzling sparklers and treasures abound, beginning with the iconic Winston Cluster Collection. This classic design...

The tragically long list of stars who died in hotel rooms

Over time, many well-known individuals have been found dead in hotel rooms. Whether due to drug overdoses, heart attacks, or freak accidents, these celebrities met tragic ends in a lonely setting. Click through the gallery to remember the stars who died in hotel rooms.

Tiny countries you have to visit if you HATE crowds

From far-flung coral atolls and splendidly sleepy archipelagos to isolated mountainous republics, these tiny crowd-free countries are perfect for a relaxing holiday.

25 Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 Anyone Would Be Delighted to Receive

Get ready to win the holidays.

Scenes from the New York City Subway in the 1970s

A collection of photos from the '70s shows a subway system overwhelmed by graffiti (and crime).

I wasn’t notified when my 9am flight time changed to 6am. Can I get compensation?

I bought tickets from an online travel agency for a 9am flight from Bangkok to Singapore for my partner and me. I purchased them from a “” website and was physically in Australia when I booked the flights. When we got to the airport it emerged that the flight time had changed to 6am. We didn’t get any communication about this from the agency or the airline. We missed the flight, so we had to pay a lot more for tickets with another...

These are the world's most BEAUTIFUL greenhouses, in Singapore and beyond

From the towering palms and Brutalist architecture of London’s Barbican Conservatory to the glass rooftop of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, here’s our pick of the world's best greenhouses.

Southeast Asia’s first luxury hotel made from retired buses opens in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Southeast Asia’s first luxury hotel made from retired public buses has opened its doors... The post Southeast Asia’s first luxury hotel made from retired buses opens in Singapore appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

Solo travelers trekking to hidden gems

For those seeking a more intimate and authentic experience, venturing off the beaten path can... The post Solo travelers trekking to hidden gems appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

I've lived between Singapore and NYC my entire life. Here are 3 ways the latter is better, and one way it isn't.

I've lived in New York City and Singapore. I think the former has the better culture and career opportunities, though the latter has the better food.

Historical figures whose bodies have never been found

We know that people go missing and die every day, but for some reason it's more shocking when it happens to someone famous. It's as if their celebrity should provide them some extra protection from accidents and misfortune. In reality, they're just as vulnerable as the rest of us, sometimes even more so due to their dangerous ambitions. Throughout history, some of the greatest rulers, adventurers, and artists have met mysterious ends. Or at the very least, their remains have. There are countless historical figures whose bodies have never be located, so their final resting place is still unknown. Click through this gallery to learn about some of the most fascinating cases.

The most dangerous cities in America

Choosing a place to settle involves considering various factors; safety is paramount for families. But perceptions of crime can sometimes be disconnected from reality. Many crimes go unreported, affecting the accuracy of available data. Employment rates also contribute to a location's crime rate. The FBI's crime classification distinguishes between violent and property crimes, with the latter being more common. In 2019, there were 2,109.9 property crimes per 100,000 people, compared to 379.4 violent crimes. The introduction of the National Incident-Based Reporting System in 1988 has expanded the scope of crime data, offering details like the time, location, and weapons used. It also includes demographic information about victims and offenders. Mass shootings remain a grave concern, with hundreds of casualties over the years. In this gallery, we explore the most dangerous cities in the US in 2023 (so far), focusing on violent crimes. Click on to discover them.

Gospels, codexes, and more: These are the oldest books in the world

Books are fascinating things. Indeed, where would we be today without the written word, right? Unfortunately, many books were lost over the years and many others were destroyed. Luckily, though, some ancient books stood the test of time and are still among us. Curious to find out which books survived throughout the centuries? Click on and learn all about them.

It's Official: We Found the 40 Prettiest Flowers in the World

How many of these breathtaking beauties do you recognize? As is often the case with beautiful things, we've given flowers meaning—so much so that even looking at one can make you feel more alive. A plain red rose has become a romantic expression of love and sunny daffodils represent the rebirth of the planet every spring. Of course, because they're plants, we also use them in more practical ways: Silky flower petals have been crushed and distilled into essential oils and perfumes for centuries, and we've figured out how to eat some of them and make tea with select leaves, stalks, and blooms. But to put it simply, the joy of admiring a gorgeous, colorful flower is unmatched. (Though we should note that some are best admired from afar because of toxicity.) Not to mention, no two flowers are exactly the same. Some rise out of the water to bloom while others sprout vines that go where they want…permanently decorating the side of your house. Even low bushes can produce incredible blossoms, like giant peonies, and if you've ever sat under a cherry blossom tree with a cool breeze blowing tiny petals around you, you know how magnificent flowering trees can be. A person who loves flowers is called an "anthophile," and if this describes you, you'll probably recognize most—if not all—of the flowers below. Rare or common, bright or soft, simple or complex, these beautiful flowers from around the world are certainly sights to behold.

Alaska Air to buy Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion

By Akanksha Khushi (Reuters) -Alaska Air has agreed to acquire Hawaiian Airlines for $1.9 billion, which includes $900 million of Hawaiian Airlines net debt, the companies said on Sunday, in the latest example of consolidation among U.S. airlines. Alaska Airlines will acquire Hawaiian Airlines for $18.00 per share in cash, the two companies said, adding that the transaction will unlock more

These cities could be UNDERWATER if sea levels continue to rise

Alarming images of what famous cities around the world could look like if the climate crisis continues unabated.

Worried woman in China, 41, snared at airport with fake passport hiding real age from 24-year-old boyfriend

Woman pays US$900 for bogus passport bearing changed date of birth Authorities impose US$420 fine, confiscate travel document A woman in China with a boyfriend 17 years her junior has been caught at Beijing airport using a fake passport to hide her real age. The woman, who was born in 1982, aroused the suspicions of an immigration officer who notic...

The most controversial art in history

The least-visited country in the world may be the first to disappear

One of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world is also one of the least visited, but most of us may never get to visit before the nation disappears. Tuvalu is an island country in the west-central Pacific Ocean, sitting about halfway between Australia and Hawaii. It’s a coral atoll nation, which means it sits on a ring-shaped coral reef encircling a lagoon, with islands along the rim. The country is a stunning oasis, but faces the threat of disappearing completely from the face of the Earth. Click through to find out about the people, the culture, the devastation it faces, and more about this unique community.

Truly Fascinating Places You Won't Believe Are in the United States

From lunar-like landscapes to European-style castles.

The eerie mystery of Japan's Devil Sea

The Bermuda Triangle is famous for its mysterious disappearances. However, there is a lesser-known region in the Pacific Ocean that is equally infamous for its stories of unexplained disappearances and seemingly supernatural activity. Intrigued? Click through the gallery and discover the fascinating secrets of the Devil's Sea.

Singapore and Zurich take joint top spot in most expensive cities in the world list

Singapore and Zurich have jointly dethroned New York City as the most expensive cities in the world to live in, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Worldwide Cost of Living 2023 report. Hong Kong, at fifth place, is the only other Asian city in the top 10. This ranking is based on a comparison of over 400 individual prices for everyday goods and services across 173 cities worldwide. The survey was carried out between 14 August...

Countries with more than one capital city

The world has experienced plenty of wars, revolutions, and fallen empires, which changed borders and presented new capitals. In 1900, only around 40 nations had capital cities. By 2000, the number grew to more than 200, largely a result of new countries emerging after the collapse of the British and French empires, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. Most nations chose one city as their official capital, but there are some with two or more, where they split administrative, legislative, and judicial headquarters, for instance. Curious? Then click on and take a look at the countries with more than one capital city.

'My village is sliding into the sea - and my house could be gone by Christmas'

Nicola Bayless's three-bed semi in Happisburgh is now less than 50ft (15m) from the cliff after storms Babet and Ciaran ravaged the Norfolk coast in the autumn. And she worries her family's £375,000 property may be gone by the end of December as the village teeters on the edge.

They emptied a lake in Madrid and found the unthinkable

How dirty and smelly were medieval cities?

Streets littered with human feces and animal entrails, rivers awash with bloated corpses, putrefied air alive with deadly microbes, and the nauseating stench of death and decay. Welcome to your average medieval city. Urban life in the Middle Ages was unbelievably dirty and smelly. Overcrowding and a near-total lack of public services compounded an already unhealthy environment made worse by spreading disease. But why exactly was living in a city during this era such a horrendous and frankly dangerous experience? Take a deep breath, tread carefully, and click through this foul and disgusting list of excuses.

Stunning pictures nominated for Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Natural History Museum London is inviting people to vote for their favorite image highlighting important nature stories from around the world to win this year's People's Choice Award.

Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

Don't overlook these hidden gems!

22 Adults-Only Resorts for a Well-Deserved Vacation

These romantic retreats have everything you need—except children.

The most stunning birds in the wild

If you live in a big city, interactions with our feathered friends may be rather limited, but every now and then it’s worth taking the time to look up to the skies or head out to the countryside for a hike with your eyes and ears wide open. There are millions of birds on our planet of all shapes and sizes, although sadly many now face a real battle for survival. Let’s hope that they’ll be around for many years to come. Here are some of the most beautiful and fascinating members of the avian community.

An enormous iceberg is roaming free for the first time in decades

The mystery surrounding the missing Malaysia Airlines plane

The 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is one of the most shocking air travel disasters in recent history. The plane was traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it vanished from the radars over the Indian Ocean. No survivors or wreckage were ever found, and countless family members still have no closure almost a decade later. On November 27, 2023, Chinese courts began hearings to determine what compensation the relatives of the victims are owed. “Almost 10 years on, the family members (who refused to accept settlement offers) did not receive any apology or a penny of compensation,” Jiang Hui, who lost his mother, told CNN. “The complete lack of legal remedies over the past decade has made our painful lives even more unbearable.” Jiang is suing Malaysia Airlines, its insurer, Boeing, and the manufacturer of the plane’s engine. His demands include financial compensation and a formal apology. He is also requesting that the companies resume providing psychological support for the families. If the courts decide in favor of Jiang and the other relatives, it's unclear how China will enforce the ruling. Many of the companies involved are international and do not have headquarters in China. Similar lawsuits brought by family members in the United States were dismissed on the basis that the Malaysian legal system should handle these cases. Of the 200 people that disappeared, 150 of them were Chinese nationals. To learn more about the circumstances surrounding one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history, click through the gallery.

World’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi experiences inaugural flight

The world’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi from Turkey took her first flight ever last year.... The post World’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi experiences inaugural flight appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

Why were these famous figures buried in unmarked graves?

For thousands of years, humans have honored the deceased by conducting burial ceremonies. It is intrinsic to our existence, making it difficult to fathom not knowing the final resting place of a loved one. Surprisingly, numerous renowned individuals have been interred in unmarked graves. Even in cases where their names were put on a tombstone for the public to pay their respects, they weren't placed at the actual burial location. Explore this gallery to see which famous figures were buried in graves without markers.

Public Holidays in Singapore 2024: How to Get 56 Days of Holiday Using 18 Days of Annual Leave

With flight prices shooting sky-high post-pandemic, we have to start booking our overseas trips earlier. And that means some strategic planning around public holidays and long weekends to maximise our limited annual leave days in 2024. In the coming year, we’ll be blessed with 5 long weekends. That's down from the 6 long weekends we enjoyed in 2023, but fret not, if we play our cards right, we could enjoy 56 days of vacation while using 18 days...

Pet boarding bookings rise by 50% as families set off for year-end vacations

SINGAPORE: As the year draws to a close and more Singaporeans prepare to jet off... The post Pet boarding bookings rise by 50% as families set off for year-end vacations appeared first on The Independent Singapore News - Latest Breaking News

ARA US Hospitality Trust divests Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport for US$7.7m

The REIT expects to complete the divestment in 1Q24. ARA US Hospitality Trust (ARA H-Trust) has sold Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport to Bacall Companies for US$7.7m ($10.1m). In a bourse filing, ARA H-Trust said it expects to complete the divestment of its 127-room hotel in 1Q24. The hotel is the smallest property within the ARA H-Trust’s portfolio, accounting for 1.0% of the REIT’s total valuation as of 31 December 2022. The REIT added that the...

These fantastic fortresses around the world will take your breath away

We take a look inside the greatest (and biggest) castles around the world and uncover the epic stories they have to tell.

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino and more celebrity hotels that failed

They've got plenty of other talents but these stars had a hard time cracking the hotel business. From ritzy Las Vegas resorts to budget inns in Wales, we reveal the celeb-owned properties that didn't have staying power.

Dark Tourism: visiting Chernobyl, Auschwitz and other places with a tragic past

30 Cheap, Beautiful Places To Retire With Just $250K in Savings

Throughout the years, you diligently saved for retirement and have $250,000 stashed away. But even with that big stash, the reality is that you might not be able to rely on that retirement fund,...

25 delicious sandwiches from around the world

As an on-the-go food that can be eaten at any time of day, sandwiches are unsurprisingly popular the world over, and each country has its own take on the dish. Here are 25 different types of sandwich from cultures around the world.

Holiday events light up Saturday night around America

Holiday events light up Saturday night around America

13 Beautiful City Skyline Photos Snapped Around the World

Dazzling views from the top await.

Top 43 Free Things To Do in Singapore (Dec 2023): Christmas Markets, Snowfall Displays, Pet Carnivals, Free Jagua Tattoos, And More

Bored as well as broke? We’ve got good news for you. This December, there’s no way you’ll miss out on the festivities with the slew of Christmas markets, fairs, and events to keep you entertained at zero cost. Look forward to so many Christmas markets that I almost lost count of them, festive performances, a 15m tall Christmas tree, free Christmas-themed Jagua tattoos, snowfall displays, and more. Our furry friends aren’t forgotten—the season...