A Different Approach for Fabletics

When every new business starts out, they have big ideas and plans for themselves. Any business entering into the online retail market always has an uphill battle since Amazon controls roughly 20% of the market. This can lead some companies into failure. Fabletics is not one of those companies. Since their start in late 2013, they have seen growth each year of at least 35%. Their ideas and strategies are working and paying off in a big way.


Fabletics began because of a common issue. There was plenty of athletic clothing on the market, but none of it was affordable or stylish. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg got together and Fabletics was born. Their idea was to make clothes that both men and women wanted to wear and that made them want to be active. The duo wanted to bring in a big name that personified the Fabletics brand. Kate Hudson was the perfect fit.


Kate Hudson was known for her movie roles, but she was also an athletic person. When she first saw the brand and what is was all about, she was sold. She said the clothes were adorable, and it was exactly what she would wear while exercising. Instead of just being the face of the brand, Kate became hands on and helped in all aspects of the company. She is a large part of the success of Fabletics.


In the beginning, Fabletics was an online company only. All purchases and transactions were done via the online store. In 2015, Fabletics branched out and opened brick-and-mortar stores in select cities around the United States. The stores were personalized based on the information provided by customers through the online transactions.


Each store was stocked and filled with the preferences of the customers that lived in the local area. Through the VIP Members, Fabletics is able to see what the customers like and purchase on a regular basis. Those items are then put in each store making them a perfect shopping place for the customers located there.


Fabletics may be a newer company to the market but they are not letting that hold them back. They came onto the scene with a different approach than most, and it is proving to be their key to success.

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