Hiring an Event Planner is a Serious Consideration, Here are Some Tips to Help

Choosing the right event planner for your next gathering or function is essential to putting on the best event that you can. Just calling the first listing that you find online may not be the best idea, however, in fat it’s pretty safe to say that it is the worst idea possible. Selecting the right event planner can mean the difference between an event that is unforgettable in a good way and one that no one will ever forget in a bad way. Let’s take a few minutes to touch on the best way to go about hiring an event planner that is best for your needs.


You should first start by determining two things, first, what is the objective of the event that you are planning, and second, what is the reason that you are hiring an event planner, that is to say what is the reason that you cannot plan the event yourself. Once you know these two primary factors then you are well on your way to finding the right planner for your needs. Most of the time, the reasons for hiring a planner is that you either do not have the expertise, the time, or the desire to plan the event yourself. As to the first consideration, that can be easily summed up by what kind of event you are planning. If it is a wedding, then the objective is to send the couple off into their new life together blissfully, if it is a corporate luncheon, then the objective might be to impress investors or potential business partners.


Next you should estimate your planning and event budget and then begin sourcing possible planner. The budget is a highly important consideration and should include the cost of the planner as well as the cost of the event itself. Once you know what your total budget is you can start to narrow down the list of potential planners, excluding the ones that are out of your price range. You should also take this opportunity to exclude those who do not have experience with your type of event.


Now that you know the budget that you have, the type of event that you want to put on, and what it is that you want to accomplish with the event, it’s time to actually begin sourcing providers. There are a lot of options for this. The most effective ways to source providers for your list is to use professional affiliations and business associates. Find out who is best recommended for your type of event, or who has been successful in planning a similar event for associates. Other sourcing options include local chambers of commerce, upscale hotels , resorts, and private country clubs and golf courses. You will now have a listing of the best planners in your area and its tie to narrow that list down.


Using ratings and recommendations cut your list down to the top three and start the interview process. You can always add more names to your list later if you need to but starting with three is a good idea to keep things organized. Once you have your list of three meet with them in person for interviews and ask them for references from previous clients. When you sit down with your candidates, be prepared to provide as many details about your event as possible and what idea you have. This will help the candidacies to understand what your needs and vision are and as such let them decide if they are the best fit to help you achieve those goals.


Now it’s time to narrow your candidates down to one and meet with them to listen to their ideas. Be open to what they are offering. Collaboration is often key to taking what you have in mind a potentially good event, and making it great. Make sure that the planner presents a full and detailed budget for their ideas to you during this meeting. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them.


Now it is time to negotiate the terms of the hire. Make sure that everything is very clearly laid out in the contract. Pay particular attention to the fine print and make sure that you understand what happens when things do not go as planned. The bigger the event the more likely that there may be stumbling points along the way. Establish with the planner how those issues would be resolved. Coming to this understanding ahead of time will save a great deal of heartache later on.


Now that you have hired a planner the work is just getting started. Be prepared to work with them closely all the way up until the event. Keep yourself in the loop and it will go a long way to getting an event that is just like you wanted with no surprises. If your event goes off well, then be prepared to hire the planner again for future events. If however, things don’t go so well, then don’t hesitate to fire the planner and search out another one for your future events.


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