Anthony G. Petrello’s Specialized Philanthropic Efforts

Anthony G. Petrello of Nabors Industries is more than just a successful president, chief executive officer and chairman of the firm’s board. He is a passionate philanthropist whose interests incline towards helping children with life-threatening diseases and neurological ailments. He serves on Texas Children Hospital board of trustees and is proud of what the facility is accomplishing towards helping children suffering from illnesses of stem cell and brain complications. He stated that it is common for parents to travel far wide across the world to find a cure or at least a remedy that could help their child speak. Tony and his wife Cynthia recognize that there are inadequate resources are addressing these problems and have an undeterred drive to enact a platform that will lessen these families’ pains and rectify the child’s health.

Anthony and Cynthia’s choice to fund the Texas hospital with $5 million is the result of sharing a common pain with parents of children with brain impairments. Their daughter Carena who was born 24 weeks early developed periventricular leukomalacia and has struggled to develop normal habits at normal rates. The two reveal that it took numerous trials to get Carena to chew food but it finally paid off, and that makes them extremely happy and proud of her resilience. Tony and his wife wish to help other families experience the same joy by injecting funds in the Texas hospital and possibly assists scientists to develop practical solutions for common and complicated ailments.

Anthony Petrello is commonly known for his expertise at Nabor Industries, an oil company in the United States. He has served on multiple posts in the firm including as a chief operating officer, president, deputy chairman, and currently as the chairman of the executive committee. His roles include giving directives that ultimately grow the firm in a competitive arena. Anthony Petrello received his J.D from Harvard’s school of law and a bachelor and masters in mathematics from the University of Yale. He has previously worked with Baker & McKenzie, where he honed his skills in taxation, arbitration and corporate law, which he uses in his current tenure at Nabor.