What Lovaganza Celebrations Entails

Lovaganza is an international entertainment brand that hosts worldwide celebrations to uphold peace and unity as well as inspiring humanity. Lovaganza has now announced the dates for the highly anticipated events. The festivities that were initially scheduled for 2015 were rescheduled to 2020. The postponement was meant to allow more time to integrate the emerging entertainment trends and incorporate the unique ideas on finance. Lovaganza 2020 events are Bohemian-inspired, and they will be defined by classic cinema experience together with a reflection of the past World’s Fairs.

Inspired by the past, the present as well as the future of all nations, the celebrations are going to take place from May and September 2020 in a total of eight flagship locations on lovaganza.com across the globe. During the festival, all cultures on earth shall be showcased. Additionally, the festivities shall include motion pictures, exhibitions, and live events.

Extravaganza of Love
You will experience the groundbreaking show dubbed the “Extravaganza of Love.” It is Lovaganza 2020’s grandiose stage play under “Grand Chapiteau,” the main stage of the Celebrations. It will be an immersive and spectacular display with real-life actors, dancers as well as acrobats performing on-stage to showcase every culture of the World. The Extravaganza of Love will feature the most spectacular landscapes on Earth showcased on an Immerscope’s magnificent 360° glassless 3D wraparound display.

Lovaganza Convoy Trilogy
The LOVAGANZA® convoy trilogy takes the Lovaganza’s Bohemian Adventure to a whole new level while using the extraordinary medium of cinema. That will take you on a cherished ride around the globe, through action, comedy, drama, mystery and suspense on a scale never experienced before.

Filmed and displayed using the spectacular and inventive IMMERSCOPE™ technology, the Lovaganza trilogy will be displayed to the global audiences on titanic 180° glassless-3D screens in the traveling theaters. It will also be presented in regular 3D and 2D theaters around the globe, during the months preceding the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations. The epic trilogy will be showcased again during the festivities in all Lovaganza locations.

The Feelings and Ideas That Will Be Evoked By the Extravaganza
Among the main purposes of this extravaganza is to showcase all the cultures in play globally. It aims to bedazzle people as well as make groundbreaking entertainment. Lovaganza is going to feature film attractions, exhibitions and live shows among other forms of entertainment. All the celebrations of Lovaganza will follow the central theme of a Bohemian Adventure.

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