What Every Corporation Should Know About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital, a well-known investment banking firm in Chicago, has been helping corporations manage all aspects of their wealth since since 2005. The core of services offered by MSC include advisory services for every detail of the financial transactions from the inception of that corporation. This may also include the initial planning and funding stages for new companies both public and private.


Corporate finance is always bound by time sensitivity, and they are quick to respond although they focus on being thorough with every client. The goal during a transactions is for the corporation and for the client to mutually benefit. This does not happen for every corporation if they are not familiar with the advisory firm that they are dealing with. The vast knowledge and expertise of their advisers offers a corporation the ability to match up the best buyers and sellers. MSC understands that each client is unique, and with that they bring something unique to offer the marketplace.


Did you know that MSC uses a specific methodology to properly approach their clients? This cover a broad area of corporate finance including specialized financing, market pricing, and they will take the time to help a corporation create and implement the right exit strategy. Every corporation has goals, but the leadership may feel as though those goals are far off.


The focus of MSC is building relationships for long-term success for both the firm as well as for the client. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of commitment, excellence, integrity, and one of vast experience. Areas of expertise with MSC include:


  • Bankruptcy
  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • ESOP advisory
  • Reorganization services
  • Capital restructuring
  • Private placements
  • Buy out advisory
  • Corporate governance


There are numerous aspects of a business that the leadership may not consider when it comes to the financial matters. Oftentimes, those who do know best are not qualified nor do they have the time to handle these financial matters. This is why a corporation needs the proper valuation as well as a plan for their wealth and tax planning. These are two areas in which many businesses struggle, but with the proper planning wealth will continue to grow and reproduce great things in the future.


Additionally, MSC has played a key role for corporations in that they may help in the management of assets, so that they are not only protected, but utilized properly when the time comes.

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