Todd Lubar the Real Estate Developer who has given the Middle Class a Housing Solution

Todd Lubar is a prominent businessman. He has made a lot of success in varying businesses, but his interest in real estate is deeply rooted. His business journey began shortly after leaving Syracuse University in 1995. At the University Todd Lubar studied communication, and he was a brilliant student. He has always wanted to be in a career that gives him an opportunity to help as many people as he can, combining his passion for helping people and the love for real estate business have helped him excel so much in the industry. The real estate market has favored him a lot, and he is now a major player with recognition from all over the world. Visit Todd on facebook.

The first company that Todd worked for is Crestar Mortgage cooperation where he served as a very committed loan shark. At Crestar he was able to sharpen his skills, and this has been very imperative for his growth in this career. The mortgage banking skills that have helped him excel were learned from Crestar. Todd uses every opportunity to learn, and this eagerness has helped him to cement great yielding relationships with the key players in the real estate industry. In his business network he has reliable financial planners, real estate brokers and some of the brightest certified public accountants. These individuals help him in developing the best strategies that are required by a real estate entrepreneur to make money in the industry. Whenever Todd is stuck in any matter, he has people who are knowledgeable to refer to for a solution. Check here:

Todd has been a loan originator for Legacy Financial Group, a job he got in 1999 before starting his firm. At Legacy, Todd Lubar learned what clients want, and he was able to offer that in his firm. This experiences learned from other companies were very vital because he was ready to offer unique products that no company offers. Todd believes that success of any enterprise is solely dependent on customer satisfaction.

Todd founded his real estate company Legendary Properties. The company primary focus is on residential properties. Legendary Properties makes money from buying, selling and renovating old housing units. This firm buys a home in a spooky state, modifies it to modern standards, and sells it at a good profit. The housing units start from single family homes for clients with a small family and bigger homes that are ideal for a customer who has a larger family. The real estate industry had left the middle class out, but with Todd’s entrance to the industry, he has offered a solution.

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