Todd Lubar: Investor And More

Todd Lubar is an investor, entrepreneur, real estate agent, and loan originator. At present, he is also the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. A resident of Bethesda, Maryland, this family man is a 1995 graduate of Syracuse University.

Prior Positions

Lubar went into the real estate business soon after completing his degree in communications. He accepted a position as a loan originator with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. It was here that he would amass business contacts and first gain an education on bout conservative mortgage banking.

In 1999 he garnered an equity position with the Legacy Financial Group. There it was his job to broker loans for investors. He also had the power to loan clients funds as what’s known as a “direct mortgage bank.”

2002 was a noteworthy year as Lubar launched a residential development business called Legendary Properties, LLC. He focused on purchasing, revamping and selling more than 200 acquisitions that varied from large multi-family units to single family homes.

The next year he founded Charter Funding. CF is a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. FMFC is a well-known, privately-owned mortgage company in the U.S.

For years since he first became interested, Lubar has kept his eye on the market, too.

That was all the motivation he needed to launch Legendary Financial LLC, now an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC, and a reputable commercial lending service for both individuals and businesses. With over 7,000 successful transactions to his name, Lubar had honed his skill to examine the theoretical risk of any given loan scenario and make the right decision based almost entirely on his personal knowledge. Click here :

Lubar diversified his investments most notably in 2007 and 2008. Specifically, he expanded his investment interests into other types of companies such as recycling and demolition.

Additional Interests

He enjoys travel and Orange County, California in general. Also into self-improvement, he reportedly works to better himself on a daily basis and hopes to add value to everyone in his life. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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