Timothy Armour the Force Propelling Capital Group

One of the leading active managers’ funds in the world Capital Group is currently led by Timothy Armour as the chairman as well as Chief executive officer. Timothy Armour transitioning into the leadership role as the chairman was a recent event, however, the hard work and enthusiasm have already lead to the success of for capital group.

Armour began his career after graduating with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics that he got from Middlebury College in Vermont. He then started his career by participating in The Associate Program in the Capital Group. He experiences in investment that is over 33 years, he has been a devoted Capital Group employee all these years, and he was promoted to the position of the chairman in 2015.

Armour officially became the chairman of the Capital Group on 28th July 2015.  It was under the sad circumstance that he was named the chairman of the Capital Group by the Board of Directors, the former chairman of the company Jim Rothenberg had passed away. Armour took over the role of the Chairman while mourning the death of a colleague and a friend.

Timothy Armour is an enthusiastic and charismatic leader in the leadership of the Capital Group and has shown his willingness to pass wisdom and success tips onto others. He has done this through writing in journals and magazines. In 2016 Armour has offered valuable advice to investors looking for active management. He says that the work of the long-term manager is to seek out value insufficient places to assist investors in performing better than the market expectation over a certain period of time. Timothy Armour has encouraged investors not to settle for average returns on their investment. He insists that investor to look for an active manager who would make sufficient effort to make research in companies and earn them keep from their investments.

Timothy Armour has been an inspiration to the Capital Group toward forging a partnership with Samsung Asset Management from South Korea. The partnership gives an opportunity to Capital Group to enlighten the South Korean firm about the business management as well as client management. Armour says that he understands the challenges that exist in Korea market in the regard to meeting the long-term financial wants of the older citizens.

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  1. He ascended to that position under the guidance of the Capital Group succession principles that had been structured over the years in the company structures. Thus he believes that his company could solve such challenges in the Korean market. It is going to be example of good thesis that is holding them behind all the time.

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