Thriving Millennial

Having the insight and desire needed to find the pathway to success isn’t always a vision we all share. This is often especially true early on in life, when we haven’t yet been fully subjected to many of the challenges and choices that await us. Then there are those who seem to have an innate clear vision of the direction necessary to obtain success.

One such person is Billy McFarland, who at age 24 has had more success than many of us will during our entire lifetime. McFarland was raised in Short Hills New Jersey, where at the early age of 13 decided to engage in his first business venture.

He created an online outsourcing business, where he matched clients with designers to save them time and money. Having that kind of initiative at that age is a good indicator of where McFarland’s future was headed.

McFarland attended Bucknell University, a private Liberal Arts College in Lewisburg Pennsylvania, where he focused his studies on computer engineering. Deciding to stay only to the end of his freshman year, he chose to leave school and pursue another online business now known as Spling.

This ad site provides users the ability to enhance URLs, turning them from text to graphic images, which are than organized on virtual bulletin boards. He became the founder of Spling in 2010 and still serves as CEO to this day.

According to Bloomberg, a few years later in 2013 Billy McFarland founded Magnises, an exclusive social club that caters mostly to millennials. The club is home based in a penthouse at the Hotel on Rivington, which resides on the Lower East Side. As a member you can enjoy special events and deals only accessible with the club’s black card.

This innovative black steel card can be linked to your bank’s debit card, or other credit cards by transferring data from them to the magnetic strip on the card. With the Magnises card you are given discounts at restaurants, bars, and clubs, as well as other perks like reserving invitations to private concerts or deluxe resorts. Several New York restaurants and clubs have signed on to partner with Magnises, supporting McFarland’s business venture.

It obviously appears this business platform which has proven very successful In New York City and Washington D.C., will likely be expanding to other large cities as well as London.

A large part of McFarland’s concept for Magnises is clearly making the connection between millennials and other businesses, to accomplish a network that is lucrative for all involved.

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