The story of Lori Senecal in 3minutes!

Lori Senecal is an influential global business leader and CEO who oversees CP+B global growth and expansion. She has managed to turn the firm into an innovative collaborative and agile with added localized strong market flair. Lori has a particular focus on talent which propelled this growth across multiple regions in the world. She led CP+B to be recognized as “Creativity Innovators of the year.” Also, she was named as one of the agency executives to watch in 2016.

Work Experience

According to her Crunchbase account, before joining CP+B, Lori served as CEO of MDC partner network, KBS+, president of McCann Erickson new York office and McCann world group, Global chief innovative officer. At MDC partner network her key responsibilities included deepening MDC unique model and driving the strategic vision. Moreover, collaboration with MDC partner agencies to fuel growth throughout the network.

Before joining MDC Partners, Lori was the global chairman and CEO of KBS+ from 2009. During her tenure, KBS grew to 900 people worldwide up from 250 people private agency. It was then recognized as a standout organization for three years consecutively. Also, KBS+ was recognized by Crain as the best places to work in New York City.

At MDC partner network her role was to provide counsel by identifying resources that fuel growth. Prior Lori had shown great leadership skills at KBS+ and then continuing to provide a strategic vision of MDC.

However, Lori is a self-declared introvert who doesn’t rely on big personality to make companies successfully. Though her leadership is debatable, she seems to step in businesses that are in transition and the process of globalization and strategic leadership.

At a time when female business leaders are being celebrated, Lori doesn’t fit that bill as she is described as a complicated character. She is described by colleagues as a person focused on process and profitability at the expense of humanity and tact leaving in the wake a lot of detractors. However, Senecal acknowledges her struggle with shyness and argues that sometimes clients are more into the non-flashy approach. She brings a methodical approach to business and changes firms to corporate culture. While it can be a liability in some cultures that expect and are used to emote leaders it has proven to be a real asset to the companies she has led.

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