The Influence of Betsy DeVos in the Lives of Thousands of American Students

Betsy DeVos is currently the United States’ Secretary of Education on Donald Trump’s presidency, but her fight for a better educational system goes way beyond most people know. The philanthropist has fought this war for years before she finally saw results emanate from the United States, and there’s still a lot of work to do in DeVos’ opinion.Betsy DeVos, formerly known as Elizabeth Prince, is married to Richard “Dick” DeVos, and both philanthropists from one of the most influential and generous couples in the U.S. Both have offered so much charity to many honorable causes that it had already surpassed the $1 million mark many years ago.Dick DeVos is the founder of an aviation academy and part of other companies that seek sustainability, but it is Betsy DeVos, his wife, who fought endlessly for a reform in the educational system of her nation.

The educational-choice movement, as Betsy and her followers like to call it, aims to make accurate the phrase that states in the constitution that education is a right of every American citizen.Betsy DeVos grew up together with her husband in a reality that did not do justice to this statement, as she saw over and over again some of her colleagues’ parents struggling to keep their children in the school. They could move their kids to a public school, but as many parents around the U.S. know, it is important that your children have access to education of quality, and it can sometimes be pricey if you aren’t currently in a good social condition.Betsy DeVos believes that she can change that, and, for the past five years, she was able to consistently move politicians around and influence decisions that has caused a major impact in the educational system of today’s America.

For example: According to the philanthropist herself, there are more than 250,000 students that have been affected by the changes of the educational-choice movement, as they are currently studying in public-funded schools all around the country. It is a big increase from the charts of ten years ago.Many new states in the United States are entering the movement, and the number of students that are being able to study in schools of quality without their parents having to struggle is immense, with a quantity that rose by more than 30%.About Betsy DeVos she has the complete support of many teachers, parents, and politicians around the country and the world, as she has shown the support that she gives to the communities through her donations, charities and her initiatives to promote movements that somehow will move the U.S. towards a better future.Her husband follows the same principle, as he has donated thousands of dollars and contributed to the incentives of the American students to innovate and think outside the box.In 2017, Betsy and Dick DeVos became one of the most popular American couples in the politics.