The Chainsmokers: Honoring the Legacy of Avicii

Avicii is one of the most famous musicians of the present generation. The Swedish-born DJ has been touring around the world sharing his music with everyone. Recently, it was reported that Avicii ended his life, and the news about his death quickly spread across the globe. People have been saying about his death in social media, and there are thousands of speculations that followed through. The Chainsmokers, an American music duo, expressed their sympathy towards the unfortunate event that happened. They stated that Avicii is one of their favorite musicians, and he also served as their inspiration. Now that Avicii is gone, it will be hard for them to look for another individual who could be their inspiration in the music industry.


Recently, The Chainsmokers and Halsey thought of honoring Avicii by sharing a short note at the Billboard Music Awards. The event took place on a Sunday night, and The Chainsmokers read their letter addressed to Avicii. They said that Avicii was an inspiration to many musicians who are chasing after their dreams. They also expressed their sadness, realizing that someone like him had taken his own life. The Chainsmokers also stated that the loss of Avicii would bear a huge impact on the industry, especially with the EDM community. The Chainsmokers and Halsey have met or have worked with Avicii before, and they remembered how the musician had faced adversities in life, often showing up his huge smile before a pool of crowd.

The Chainsmokers and Halsey could not believe that someone like Avicii would surrender just like that, ending his life instantly. The musicians are hoping that what happened to Avicii would not happen again to someone they know, and they urged that public to console their friends or family members who are going through a tough time. The Chainsmokers have been recognized around the world because of their top hits, and even though the group is relatively new to the industry, they have already proved something in the music industry. The members of the band, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, stated that they would miss Avicii, and they wished him peace.