The Accurate Insights by BBB Accredited, Trustworthy Securus Technologies

On the 7th of June, 2016, Global Tel Link (GTL) had published an article with several claims against the services of Securus Technologies which had confused me. I had always known Securus Technologies to be reliable with their BBB recognition. In reality, those allegations were misrepresentative as per my first opinion based on the credibility of the two companies. My trust on Securus Technologies became even stronger when they released an article rectifying and providing a vivid, accurate insight to those claims through PRNewswire on the 9th of June, 2016.



I, then read the clarifying statement from Securus that mentioned that there is one independent claim made by GTL which mentioned the preservation of all the claims regarding the ‘816 patent by GTL.  In the next clarification, the innovations presented at the court were not patentable but were denied review. Thus, I agree with Securus when they stated that GTL will not be able to return to court with further related proceedings until the matter in settled for final.



After reading similar other allegations being successfully clarified by Securus Technologies, I performed a Google search. The search revealed that on the 14th April of 2015, Securus had signed on a Stock Purchase Agreement to purchase JPay Incorporation. This purchase had allowed Securus to provide multitudes of applications related to entertainment, education and online assistance to prisons and correction facilities. I was assured that Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited foremost provider of technological solutions to criminal justice and civil justice fields. I was impressed how these technological solutions are aimed at preserving public safety and conducting investigations and observations in criminal environments.







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