Siege Warfare

The history of war is nearly as long as the history of man. Ever since Abel was murdered at the hands of Cain there has been devastation and war between different groups of people. In order to try and protect themselves from invaders, many ancient kingdoms built fortifications around their settlements. These high standing stone walls and dangerous moats made it nearly impossible for invaders to succeed in an assault.

Just as the fortification was invented to prevent destruction the siege weapon was invented to destroy them. One such siege weapon that saw ready use during ancient times and throughout the Middle Ages was the trebuchet, known in South America as the Trabuco.


The Trabuco is an interesting device as it is simple in design but powerful in performance. The design used the ancient weapon known as the sling as its model for creation. The sling itself is simply a strip of cloth or leather that holds a small stone. The wielder of the weapon swung the sling over his head in order to build up momentum, then released it at his enemy. The built momentum would cause the stone to travel at incredible speeds, slamming into an enemy combatant and bludgeoning him to death. This same concept is used for the Trabuco, where the wielder is replaced by a large pulley system, and the sling is a large woven net filled with heavy stones according to

The Trabuco, when used in the Middle Ages, was a behemoth device that was a stationary weapon according to It required a team of trained combat engineers to operate, allowing it to launch thousands of pounds of stone at enemy fortifications over long distances. The Trabuco was able to destroy defenses easily during its time and was a greatly feared weapon for anyone who witnessed its use.

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