Saad Saad Impressive Career in Surgery

Saad Saad was born in a family that was living in Palestine many years ago. Saad was raised in Kuwait together with his seven siblings who have grown up and ventured into great careers. Three members of this family that had humble backgrounds are now top surgeons in the world, two are engineers who are performing so well in the corporate world while one of the children has grown to become a teacher. Saad went to acquire his education almost five decades ago from the prestigious Cairo University that is found in Egypt. Saad shocked the university by getting honors and getting the second position in the entire class.


When Saad completed his studies in Cairo, he wanted to look for a medical facility so that he could engage in his internship. The businessman went to England for this process, and he managed to perform so well. When he finished his internship, the successful surgeon felt that he was going to perform well in his career if he got an opportunity to go to the USA. Before he could get practicing rights in the new country, the businessman had to take his residency in pediatric surgery, and this time, he proved that he had great skills too. Relocating to the United States forty five years ago, was a great decision that was made by the doctor. When living in the US, the doctor decided to start a family. He married his wife and later on got four children who are enjoying very good careers. Two of these children are surgeons; one is an ICU nurse while one has chosen to pursue a career in law.


Medical doctors are professionals who command a lot of respect in the world. Individuals who choose to spend their careers in this field must be bright people who can be able to save lives and work in any time of the day without complaining. Saad is the perfect example of a hardworking doctor. In his career life, Saad has been able to successfully complete thousands of complex surgeries on young people. The doctor has also been able to patent two great inventions and at the same time developed brand new surgical procedures that can save the lives of young people. Saad loves to help the less fortunate people in the world. In his career life that has lasted more than forty five years, the businessman has managed to attend eight medical missions, mostly organized in Jerusalem. In these missions, the doctor has performed so many complex surgeries for the children coming from needy backgrounds.


Saad was interested in becoming an engineer when he was growing up. His elder brothers chose this career path, and Saad did not like the tough working conditions they had to deal with. Apart from being very profitable, the career in engineering was too complicated for him. Saad wanted to work in a cool environment, and this is why he chose to become a pediatric surgeon. Learn more: