Roseann Bennett And Her Commitment To Help Mental Patients


Roseanne Bennett is a therapist who has been in the field of therapy for over ten years, and because of the exposure, Roseann Bennett is highly skilled at handling patients especially those with depression by offering marital and family therapy and crisis management. She has settled in New Jersey where she deals with adolescents and also their families in specific counties which include Somerset, Warren, and Hunterdon.


Bennett’s skills such as forward- thinking have enabled her to satisfy the needs of the clients by offering them the right treatment that they require. She saw the need to venture more in the field and help many patients, and she started the Center for Assessment and Treatment which helps to treat mental illnesses such as depression. This new set up mainly focused on patients who were not economically stable, and they extended their charity to help the affected individuals.


Roseann Bennett also has blogs which she uses to educate people on mental health and these resources assist many individuals out there in understanding themselves. Through her organization to help people with a mental health condition, Bennett and her partner Dr. Todd Bennett help individuals and families to attain good mental health not looking at the financial means, but they aim at making lives of others better.


Roseann Bennett has talked about the introduction of telemedicine whereby patients can access therapists through emails and texts. By using telemedicine patients and doctors communicate yet, they are not in the same room. Bennett gives people tips on how they can maintain good mental health by talking out their issues, watching out for stress and thinking about the good memories of the day so that a person doesn’t start thinking about things that may bring stress. In an article with Release Fact, Bennett talks about Looking At the Future of Therapy.


Roseann Bennett had previously worked with the communities, and she saw the kind of struggles faced by patients who needed mental treatment. Appointments took months before one could be able to see a doctor and this led to the deterioration of the health of many patients. This experience drove Bennett to find ways to help people with a mental health condition access proper treatment, and the procedure was not costly since most of them were not financially stable. Click this Link to learn how to get in touch with Roseann Bennet.


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