Ronald Fowlkes: An American Hero

Ronald Fowlkes is not your typical American hero. He also has a healthy obsession with the sport, hockey. Fowlkes talks about all things related to the sport as well as about other sports and sporting events, such as the Olympics, on his sport blog, which you can find on: You can visit the blog to learn more about hockey updates, NHL updates, some of his favorite teams, and just to keep up with today’s sports and events.

Fowlkes served the United States as an Army serviceman for many decades. He is a vet of the First Gulf War. While serving as a serviceman in the United States Army, Fowlkes worked worked at the Department of Defense as a contractor, while he also was working with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, also known as JIEDDO during his time in Iraq. At his role here, Fowlkes was in charge of not only preparing for infantry operations in a combat zone, but also teaching other members of the US Military on how to serve properly in various tactical operations. He also instructed his team in the military on CQB and hostage rescue, how to collect evidence properly, post-blast analysis, and how to properly question captured individuals that were being held.

Additionally, Fowlkes served in his hometown, St. Louis’ Police Departments, both regular and the Metropolitan Police Departments as a law enforcement officer. He did so for 13 years.

Currently, Fowlkes is the Business Development Manager of a large tactical products company that is well-known today, thanks to his efforts, as: Eagle Industries Unlimited. Eagle Industries Unlimited is in charge of distributing and selling many tactical products, such as belts, harnesses, cases, and armor to many customers all throughout the US. Fowlkes’ role in Eagle Industries Unlimited consists of the responsibilities of: training more than 150 staff members at Eagle Industries Unlimited in preparing them for their key roles at the large company, as well as communicating with customers all over the nation, to not only maintain the clientele which the company already boasts but to continue to grow and build upon it. He is also in charge of selecting new products that the company can sell and developing the current ones that Eagle Industries Unlimited already sells. This role requires a lot of research and the extensive training in knowing what different individuals and companies need, which Fowlkes already has so much of!

Another reason why Fowlkes excels in his role at Eagle Industries Unlimited is because he is not just a born leader but a teacher certified in how to properly shoot rifles, and knows a lot about many different defensive tactics, as well as SWAT/URBAN warfare tactics.