Rocketship Education: The Best Way to Learn

In January of 2018, Norcal News recognized Rocketship Education for its incredibly successful students and dedicated, talented teachers. Rocketship Public Schools specializes in bringing students to their full potential. The non-profit school system serves K-12 students through a network of public charter schools that propel student achievement through exceptional educators and partnerships with parents. Founded in 2007 with its headquarters in San Jose, CA, Rocketship Education now has over 1,000 talented teachers, parents, and leaders working together with the students to transform the future for low-income communities across the nation by unleashing the full potential of all students in the program.

The system specializes in combining a dynamic teaching environment, innovative learning atmosphere, and a stable academic experience to set up the best environment for student success. This allows the students to adapt new, healthier habits to avoid procrastination, and low grades, while better preparing students for the challenging collegiate milieu, and helping them to adopt better study habits. The students also learn how to develop skills in time management, prioritizing tasks, and dividing assignments into manageable portions to avoid feeling inundated with work. This not only helps their grades, but also prepares them for their future in college and in the work force. As students take more responsibility for their habits and develop healthier habits, they begin to more fully realize their own true potential and this plays a huge part in their motivation to keep working towards their goals.

Rocketship Schools is built on three pillars: talent development, personalized learning, and parent power. By combining all of these things, the students are placed in the best possible, most holistic opportunity for learning. This is great because if a student falls behind, the personalized learning plan will bring them back up where they need to be while parent power and peer power supports the student to best their confidence and self-esteem so that they are motivated to keep trying. In the midst of all of this, the student is also developing their talent in certain areas where they excel instead of forcing them to conform to the typical educational format that many public school subscribe to.