More Funding for The RealReal Equates to More Exposure

The RealReal is a San francisco-based company that has become a very important part of the luxury consignment culture. People that are looking at the possibilities of acquiring Purple Label, Coach, Fendi and Gucci items can look to The RealReal as the best source for getting these items at great prices.

In a recent Series G funding $115 million was acquired for The RealReal. This is an outstanding amount because it allows this company to grow even more. It was originally a website only. Now people get a chance to see a physical store for The

RealReal because it is growing and there is an immense amount of popularity among the social media culture.

Julie Wainwright is the founder of this company, and she has taken great strides to make sure that consumers are getting products that are 100% real. She has also implemented certain items on the website that are marked down 50% off. These are the type of numbers that consumers look for. This is the thing that is greatly appreciated by all of those that are trying to get luxury items without paying full luxury prices.

This company has grown tremendously in a rapid timeframe, and people are interested in knowing more about what this brand will evolve into in the near future. The fact that more funding was acquired for the RealReal shows that there is a great effort to put this company in a bigger spotlight. At this point is it still considered a novelty company, but this is changing quickly because there is more funding to expand.

The thing that has allowed this company to grow expeditiously is the amount of praise that has been connected to the customer feedback that is available online. People that like luxury items can appreciate the fact that the verification of whether the items are real has already been done.

This checkpoint is the thing that has made people take more notice of The RealReal. It has become the company that has started small and quickly started to elevate thanks to increased funding of $288 million in private equity capital.