Mark Mofid Is Making Gluteal Augmentation Surgery Safer Than It Ever Has Been

Mark Mofid is working to make implants safer for La Jolla and San Diego, and while he knows that gluteal augmentation has not had a good reputation over the years, he is working to change that point of view. His training has included years spent at the John Hopkins University as well as Harvard, and he is a well-known figure in the cosmetic medical community. His excellent reputation and compassionate bedside manner have earned him a spread of accolades and the trust of his patients. He is also known for his dedication to ensure the safety of his patients, and he does not take advantage of his patients by encouraging them to get larger implants. Instead, he will only go forward with gluteal augmentation implants that are a safe size to ensure that his patients have no complications.

Mark Mofid has revealed that his office is setup in the La Jolla/UTC area, which is located inside of San Diego County. The office is staffed with a dermatologist, technical surgeons, an office manager, administrative assistants, a plastic surgeon (himself), and more. There is also a AAAASF/Medicare accredited surgery center at the location, and laser services are offered to patients. Mark Mofid is currently using a Cutera laser to remove hair and for vein treatments, and the office also refers some of its patients to a laser facility that exists within the same community just in case a service isn’t offered.

When Mark Mofid was asked if he had ever dealt with technologies that he felt were oversold, he commented that he has run into some aggressive marketers who tried to push laser lipolysis treatment. He expressed that while many others have been tempted to use that kind of technology, he has stuck with tried and true technologies that have a high chance of succeeding without any kinds of complications. He has made the decision to not waste his patients’ money being the first person to try a new technology, and instead, has opted to continue to provide the best service he can through the use of technologies that are known to work.