Lime Crime under New Management

There is confidence associated with walking around knowing your make-up game is top-notch. Established in the year 2008, Lime Crime has helped people gain the confidence. Lime Crime is a cosmetic line that was founded by Doe Deere in partnership with Mark Dumbelton. Its products are known to be vibrant, yet gentle to the skin. As a brand, Lime Crime has added a dose of innovativeness to its creativity, to present to the consumer a magical world that defines beauty. Unlike its competitors, Lime Crime has not been afraid of creating vibrant colors. Some of its best-performing products in the market include Unicorn Hair and Unicorn Lipstick that comes with a rainbow shade.

The dedication towards creating the best products has seen Lime Crime scaling the International market. Its products are highly sorted for in Singapore, London as well as Los Angeles. Last month, the company was acquired by Tengram. With the acquisition, it is expected that the company will continue to grow, even as it creates brands that are unique and appealing to customers. The company’s focus will not change. Lime Crime will continue to pursue its need for increasing its retail demand. Most of Lime Crime’s Customers hope that the brand increases its catalog.

As at the moment, Lime Crime has Stacy Panagakis as its chief executive officer. With her is a wealth of knowledge and experience in bettering beauty brands. At one time, Stacy worked at Fresh as the organization’s general manager. During her stay at Fresh, she established the organization’s affiliate company in North America. After joining the company, Stacy expressed her excitement and highlighted that Line Crime is a millennial based brand which assures them that there is nothing wrong with being bold. The Mission and vision of Lime Crime are expected to continue being revealed under the leadership of Stacy Panagakis.