Learn More About Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star Hospital is a treatment facility that is located on the southern side of Rio de Janeiro. It is a classic hospital popular for providing its clients with comfortable, luxurious and quality service. It is designed to resemble a five-star hotel, and it is found in an expansive area of more than 21 thousand square meters. Copa Star Hospital is known to utilize most of the modern technological innovations to provide the patients with quality service. Visit their profile page at facebook.com.

The hospital has a favorable hospitality system that makes it easy for patients to experience some level of independence, something that is not available in any other hospital in Brazil. IPad is provided to each patient to facilitate communication with the doctors or the nurses.

The hospital beds have automated features to make the patients comfortable as they sleep. The facility has a fabulous lighting system, and the interns are able of making appropriate modifications in the rooms to fit the client’s needs. The interns are also able to access the records and medical exams, but this is only possible when a doctor accompanies the trainee.

This massive investment was started in 2013. After its inception, it proved to be beneficial to most patients who used to travel to distant places to receive treatment. The enormous investment in new technological devices has enabled Hospital Copa Star to perform even the most complex surgical procedures to patients.

The hospital makes available excellent delivery of services, something that it combines with affordable accommodation. The provision of quality services is aimed at making the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. The facility provides a friendly environment that merges comfort and social acceptance. This ensures each patient is provided with quality and personalized service without discrimination.

Hospital Copa Star has more than 45 beds for ICU services and 150 for the general patients. The facility has some of the most modern hospital equipment comprising of neurosurgery rooms, intelligent operating rooms, telemedicine, hybrid rooms and robotic medicine. However, it is not the equipment or the size of the buildings that make the hospital great. The institution has hired some of the best doctors and nurses in the region. The talented and highly qualified staffs are always available to handle any case, either emergency or otherwise that may be afflicting the client.

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The payment system is also friendly to the patients. Those who do not prefer paying cash have an option of either making their payments through the insurance cover or any other acceptable method.