Julie Zuckerberg, Professionalism and Hard Work

Julie is an employee of New York City’s Deutsche Bank. She is in the area of human resource as the bank’s executive recruitment leader. She started working for the bank in April 2014 and has so far served three years and two months.




Zuckerberg graduated from ‘City University of New York’. While at the university she studied Philosophy. Shortly afterwards she enrolled for a law degree at the ‘New York Law School’. Here she got a ‘Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree’.


She demonstrated interest in management and training in the early years of her career. She also demonstrated an inclination towards conflict resolution, employee training, and succession planning. She is very passionate about technology and prefers to stay ahead of the pack in tech matters.


Career Trajectory


Zuckerberg’s first formal position was ‘director of candidate placement‘ at Hudson. She worked here for 5 years. While at Hudson she was responsible for attorney recruitment, case manager hiring and also paralegal induction. Her clients were various ranging from small institutions to large corporations. While working in recruitment she was also sought for conflict resolution in the office setting.


Zuckerberg left Hudson for ‘Citi Global Functions’. She was the vice president here and the principal recruiter. She was responsible for the auditing and also all compliance issues. She worked for Citi until 2011 when she moved to ‘Citi Global Consumer Bank’.


Prior to working for Deutsche Bank, she had been at ‘New York Life Insurance Company’. Here her role was no different from the other positions she had occupied in other organizations. She worked with leaders to help step up the process of acquisition of human resource globally. Her leadership skills have helped place her head and shoulders above other in the industry.




Julie is not all work and no play. She enjoys art and technology. She loves running and is passionate about photography as well. Julie loves animals and is an ardent champion of their welfare. She is social media shy, yet she has a twitter handle.


Volunteering Work


Julie feels passionately about certain things in life. The motivation to volunteer her time and expertise stems from the fact that giving is not always a withdrawal. In most instances one learns a lot in the course they thought was just about giving. Julie is passionate about animal welfare, civil rights, science and technology and she also volunteers for human rights issues.


Skills Set


Julie Zuckerberg‘s skill set is impressive. She is a talent manager of great repute who combines talent acquisition with technical recruiting skills to get the best in human resource. Julie is also versed with conflict management techniques which are handy in the office if the working climate is to be checked. Training is a big plus in Julie’s skill set. Training and leadership qualities go hand in hand and they enhance Julie’s coaching potential. Julie is a strategist as well and uses her strategy skills to plan success. Julie is also good with technology and likes to stay current.