Jim Larkin, The Irish Socialist, Human Rights Activist, Socialist Who Mobilized 100, 000 Workers During His Heydays

It was in 1913, when Jim Larkin also known as the Big Jim together with his longtime friend James Connolly organized for a huge industrial action. The high-velocity industrial action involved more than 100, 000 skilled and unskilled workers went to various streets for seven months.

These workers were asking the government of Ireland to offer them better working condition and a fair pay. Perhaps, they were made strong by Jim Larkin’s favorite quote ‘A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.’

The man James Larking is the founder of the biggest workers movement in Ireland called Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU), which finally turned to be a big Irish Labour Party (ILP) that attracted thousands of followers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml

A few months after taking part in a seven-month industrial strike in the streets of Dublin in 1913, Jim Larkin moved to the USA. He, however, did not stay in the U.S. for long. He was later deported to face criminal charges in Ireland.

Fervent Effort

His aim of travelling to the U.S. was to help raise funds for his Irish Labour Party, which he wanted to use raise workers’ grievances as well as fight the British rule back home.

But the U.S. did not prove to be a conducive place for Jim Larkin. He was deported back to Ireland. He was charged with criminal anarchy as well communism.

Back home, Jim Larkin continued with his fight for workers’ fair working conditions. He did this through his slogan fair day’s job for a fair day’s pay. He got much recognition especially from the Communist International as a Marxist. This was sometime in 1924.

The Big Jim continued the big fight. Every time James talked, he represented workers both skilled and unskilled. His favorite quote continues to be used during workers’ unrests throughout the world. Jim Larkin died on January 30, 1947. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and James Larkin – Wikipedia

James and his wife Elizabeth Brown whom he married in 1903 had four sons. Until date, when you mention the name Jim Larkin, the Big Jim or James Larkin to someone who reads the books of history especially human rights in England and Ireland, they can tell you with certainty that Jim Larkin was a true workers’ champion.