Imran Haque Views on Application of Technology to Personal Heath

Dr. Imran Haque is a doctor who is committed to looking after his patients. For longer than a decade he has been able to serve the residents of Asheboro in, North Carolina. Imran Haque is an internist in specialization having acquired a medical degree from Universidad Santo Domingo and an MD from the University of Virginia.

With the ever-changing technology, the doctor has dived head first toward the new methods of monitoring his patients and preventing future illnesses. He is more focused on analyzing the daily routines of his patients and coming with sufficient data. The results will give perspective possible chronic diseases and prescribe recommendations where necessary. He is looking forward to developing devices that allow regular updates of a person’s pulse, temperature and antibody count. With the data acquired the doctor will be able to administer weight loss routines and regulate habits that may be harmful to one’s health and more

The doctor is working closely with icarbonX (ICX) which is more focused on developing the hardware for monitoring. The firm has come up with washroom mirrors that scan facial biometrics and thus correcting information of their weight, blood pressure and heart rate. The organization came up with an al toilet that collects a sample of stool and fluids and analyzing them. This technology offers the ability to recognize the early stages of diseases, compare it with the health routines that are likely the cause hence having better control.

The efficiency in relying on information to researchers will give them ample time to carry out studies leading to more effective modes of diagnosis. The doctor has firmly embraced the path of technology as the information gained combining with his experience will offer more accurate treatment. Most of the patients suffer in silence mainly due to lack of confidence to approach treatment and ailments due to tier lifestyle which they don’t have information on how to control themselves. With the devices worn, this will make the users more aware of their health and to an extent cut some costs. With the awareness, patients can opt to live on a small budget thus saving cost or high costs due to large stage illness. The doctor concludes that with the ability to monitor lifestyle, health cost will be minimized as it will be possible to identify and to treat chronic ailments at their initial stages.