How Securus Technologies Catches Illegal Messages Before they Are Sent

Securus Technologies is a company that is working with those who have been accused with breaking a law or those who are working in the public safety field. The company provides a wide range of communications equipment to help law enforcement personnel monitor holding cells and help solve crimes.


Securus Technologies has added more wireless technology in places with advanced security systems. This new system they have created prevents the use of illegal cell phones from getting on the network. This new wireless containment hardware not only blocks out the signal but collects all of the data from the device to help solve a crime.


The company is working hard to help out those states that are really trying hard to take a stand against illegal methods of communication. The wireless containment system will do wonders to keep the city safe.


Many other technology comes have tried to pull ahead of Securus Technologies by coming up with a useful security system but they generally lack the resources and expertise that Securus Technologies has. Securus Technologies has some of the most talent team of staff as well.


A lot of technology setups already in use do a good job of identifying where a cell phone signal is coming from but do not prevent cell phones from making that call or sending that text. It is almost considered a waste of time and money.


Sometimes a prisoner or security officer may receiver threats towards them and their family members possibly because of something they did in the past or what they got involved with. Securus Technologies works hard to prevent any harmful messages from entering the prison centers.


Securus Technologies gets comments all the time from prison staff about problems with contraband cellphones getting into the hands of inmates. It has led to increased criminal altercations. Their ultimate goal is to improve safety inside and outside of the prison walls.


The company has its main location in Texas. It has worked with over 3000 different employees in public safety and law enforcement agencies. They are committed to offering all kinds of technology solutions to help keep everyone safe. Securus Technologies works with biometric analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service. The world should be a safer place to live.


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  1. The Securus technology teams are working hard to monitor unauthorized methods of communication coming in and out of prison centers. Contraband phones are a big problem all across the United States. I also understand that could have gotten much more than expected too.

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