How Bob Reina Nurtured Talk Fusion to Succeed

If you were to look at the growth of the internet over the past ten years one thing you could lock into place is the role of video marketing. Video marketing has become the #1 way for clients to reach customers and for businesses to reach their new audiences. As a result, it has become more and more popular for companies like Talk Fusion to step up to the plate in order to help people get where they need to go with their marketing platform. Behind it all is Bob Reina, the CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 but the idea for the company dates back years prior to that. Bob Reina was a police officer when a chance encounter with a marketing executive got his mind on the concept of becoming a digital entrepreneur. His reasoning for focusing on the concept was pretty simple: Reina loved the idea of taking control of his work week and deciding how much or how little he made. Makes sense, right?


Talk Fusions core program would be the Video Email application that Reina put together with a longtime friend and IT professional, Dr. Jonathen Chen. The two would develop this application in order to make it the flagship program that would become the center of Talk Fusion’s widening Marketing Suite. Reina’s enthusiasm for the program and his utter faith in Talk Fusion’s future would be key to fueling their rapidly expanding growth. Reina says, “The world is constantly changing, and our company is always at the forefront of those changes which is very exciting.


For Bob Reina to continue to succeed with Talk Fusion he will have to focus on continually improving in ways that his competition cannot keep up with. That is what is bringing Talk Fusion’s Bob Reina to develop Talk Fusion University. This educational platform will help Talk Fusion Associates take control of their future in order to expand their business, set large life goals, and complete them on their journey as an entrepreneur. As Reina said, Talk Fusion is always on the edge of innovation. Learn more: