Headline: Skill and Experience in Management-Rick Smith

Depth of knowledge in various fields, experience, ability to innovate and make timely decisions are critical elements than a CEO of any company should possess considering the individual bears a greater responsibility on success and failure of a company. Securus Technologies identified these characteristics on Rick Smith hence selecting him as the CEO in September 2008. Mr Smith is an Electrical Engineering graduate from the State University as well as holds an Associate of Applied Science. Additionally, he holds two Masters degrees in Mathematics and B.A hence a solid educational background.

Smith’s work experience in different capacities attributes to his impressive set of skills which struck the selection panel that selected him as head of Securus. He worked as a Chief Financial Officer for two years at Eschelon Inc before moving to Global Crossing previously known as Frontier Corporation where he was in charge of financial management. Besides the field of Finance, Mr Smith served as an Information Officer and Operation Director in Frontier Information Technologies and Network Plan respectively. In 2005, Eschelon Telecom for the first time featured as an initial public offering after hitting a three hundred and fifty million dollars from thirty million dollars in a nine-year period where Rick Smith was the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Smith’s wisdom and creativity are among key elements that contributed to the success of all the companies where he served in different capacities. In as much as a company’s success is a collective responsibility and team effort, a CEO should have a strong personality to accommodate and manage contrasting ideas from different employees and stakeholders. These qualities typically describe Rick Smith’s managerial skills hence serving his eleventh year as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. Expertise and Professional interaction with clients is a key identifying strategy of Rick Smith that attributes to his decisions and growth of the company. Today, the company has close to one thousand employees with a total investment of over $600 million.

The company’s foundation basis is profit from prison technology. Rick Smith has implemented various techniques and strategies in different departments of the company mainly Operations and Finance to work in harmony towards achieving the company goals. Experience in his previous workstations in different departments attributes to his timely and critical decisions as well as calculated risks that outdo other firms in the technology industry. Technology is a highly competitive industry in the United States. However, the Texas located company is currently under contract with two thousand six hundred prison facilities across the United States and over two thousand two hundred in both Canada and USA. Th established business relationships and networks can be pointed back to Rick Smith’s expertise, experience, and wisdom and more