Doe Deere’s Never Give Up Attitude Led To The Success Of Lime Crime

Many people quit at the first sign of difficulty. Not Russian born entrepreneurs Doe Deere. When she couldn’t find the brightly colored make-up she needed to perform with her rock band, she made some herself. In the process she created her own line of cosmetics called Lime Crime. And while it hasn’t been easy, Doe Deere overcame all the obstacles that have made many other young, female entrepreneurs quit and has gone on to turn her neon bright handmade vegan make-up into one of the hottest cosmetics brands on the market today.

Doe Deere has been interested in bright colors, make-up and business every since she was a preteen. Her first foray into business was when she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates as a youngster. She enjoyed the experience and when her family moved to the United States when she was 17, she decided to try her hand at becoming a model as well as a fashion designer. After attending Fashion Institute of Technology, she set up a website and began selling her creations.

She is the same hardworking, visionary she always was. Even as her company has grown, she has continued to play a major role in the products that it creates. Deere says she likes to try the products before they hit the market to ensure they meet her standards. This enables her to be authentic and honest when she speaks about how easy a product goes on and how it makes the wearer feel.

These days Doe Deere is also a role model and an inspiration to countless women that dream about starting their own companies. Doe Deere relishes the opportunity to meet with as many of them as she can, offer information and advice and guide them in the right direction. Doe Deere encourages them to develop their product or service, look into the opportunities the marketplace presents and give it their best shot. She always makes them aware that the journey to building a successful business has many challenges. She also points out that if they do their research and are willing to work hard, they too can find the level of success she enjoys and even surpass her.

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  1. When she didn’t achieve the level of progress she needed, Doe Deere chosen to attempt her hand at a profession in the music business. Also, the rest is history. Achievement has not changed Doe Deere. It is a case where has given the necessary details for them to abide by.

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