Doe Deere The Unicorn Queen Of Beauty

Doe Deere is the type of individual that quickly demands your attention, when she walks into a room. Certainly, her pastel colored hair gets immediate attention. Also, her unique style and makeup. Doe Deere is a successful female entrepreneur that changed the way that people look at makeup. Doe Deere is all about wearing bold and wild colors that define your own unique personality. The self proclaimed unicorn queen is quickly becoming a beauty and fashion icon, due to her success with Lime Crime cosmetics. The Lime Crime CEO is an inspiration to other women that would like to become entrepreneurs.


The Early Years

It’s surprising, but Doe Deere was actually one of the first female entrepreneurs to start an eCommerce business strictly online. In fact, she started Lime Crime cosmetics back in 2008. During those early years, her company dealt primarily with very bold, and colorful products that were difficult to find online and in the local retail or beauty shops. In addition, her beauty products were vegan and animal cruelty free. In other words, her makeup line did not contain animal ingredients and the products were not tested on animals. This is something that Doe Deere felt very strongly about. Today, she carries on with her mission to provide vegan and animal cruelty free products to her fans.


The Inspiration For Lime Crime

Certainly, quite a few of her fans wonder about the beginning. What inspired Doe Deere to start Lime Crime. Well, it seems like the company was born out of necessity. Doe Deere started her own original clothing line that was marketed online. She even modeled many of her own designs. Deere was frustrated because it was very difficult to find makeup that matched her clothing line. Therefore, she decided to create her own makeup line filled with dazzling and bold colors that matched her clothing line, and the rest is history.


The Unicorn Queen

Many of Doe Deere’s fans also know her as the original unicorn queen. Deere relates that the unicorn is a very special animal. It is magical, rare, beautiful, unique and compassionate. These are the traits that she admires and represent the makeup line.