Changing Lives: The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is an organization dedicated to assisting those with chronic lung disease. Based in five different states in the United States, the Lung Institute has been using stem cells to help the health of its patients improve. Through a process using autologous stem cells removed from the patient’s own body, the Lung Institute is able to help repair a patient’s damaged lungs. Read more at

The process starts with a sample taken either from a patient’s blood or bone marrows. Afterwards, the stem cell samples are isolated from other cells and reintroduced back into the patient’s blood stream. The stem cells then travel through the blood stream to the heart. Here the right chamber of the heart pumps the stems cell into the lungs where they enter the pulmonary trap. From here the stems cells adapt to the lung tissue by changing their cell function. After changing their cell functions to match the lungs, they then promote the healing process.

The Lung Institute is truly doing incredible work in the field of chronic lung disease, reveals

. By utilizing stem cells from the patient’s own body, they increase the chance for the body to accept the cells for growth use. In the past, the body often rejected procedures and attacked any entities doctors would introduce because the body recognizes them as foreign entities. The body will then reject and attack these entities to protect itself. Autologous stem cells halt this process as they belong to the patient’s body originally.

Stem cells, and the work the Lung Institute is providing, have truly changed people’s lives. The testimonials from Lung Institute patients are filled with emotions ranging from disbelief to gratitude.

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