Brad Reifler’s Career And Newest Fund To Help Middle-Class American Investors

Brad Reifler is a businessman who works in the financial industry. After graduating from Bowdoin College with degrees in political science and economics he entered the financial industry by establishing Reifler Trading Company where he traded global derivatives. His company was bought by industry giant Refco Inc. and Reifler worked for Refco for 15 years as a futures trader.

According to Bloomberg, as an entrepreneur, Brad Reifler founded another financial firm, Pali Capital, which was a banking boutique. While serving as Pali Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, Reifler led the company to overwhelming financial success. The company also grew into an international firm with offices in the UK, Singapore, Austria, and South America.

In 2014, Brad Reifler again founded a company when he established Forefront Capital, LLC. Since that time he has also established a number of subsidiaries of the company such as Forefront Partners, Forefront Advisory, LLC, and Forefront Income Trust.

Each subsidiary is focused on a different type of financial asset as well as the type of client. Most of the subsidiaries focus on providing financial products and services for high net worth individuals as well as institutional investors and banking firms. Forefront Capital is headquartered in New York City which of course is one of the largest financial capitals in the world.

Forefront Income Trust is a fund that Brad Reifler set up which is designed to help middle-class American’s save for retirement. Most people lack options in what to invest in and so are concentrated far too much in the traditional stocks and bonds.

Brad Reifler created Forefront Income Trust as a way for these types of investors to be able to diversify their assets by investing in the types of assets, such as private equity, that are ordinarily only accessible to the richest 1%.