Fortress Investment Group Is One Of New York’s Finest

Fortress Investment Group is one of the United States’ most popular alternative asset managers. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has grown into managing roughly $41 billion of institutional investors’ and private clients’ assets under the current direction of Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone; Edens and Nardone were both original founders of Fortress, […]

Jim Larkin, The Irish Socialist, Human Rights Activist, Socialist Who Mobilized 100, 000 Workers During His Heydays

It was in 1913, when Jim Larkin also known as the Big Jim together with his longtime friend James Connolly organized for a huge industrial action. The high-velocity industrial action involved more than 100, 000 skilled and unskilled workers went to various streets for seven months. These workers were asking the government of Ireland to […]

Roseann Bennett And Her Commitment To Help Mental Patients

  Roseanne Bennett is a therapist who has been in the field of therapy for over ten years, and because of the exposure, Roseann Bennett is highly skilled at handling patients especially those with depression by offering marital and family therapy and crisis management. She has settled in New Jersey where she deals with adolescents […]