An Overview of How Fabletics has Developed to The Brand It is Today

Fabletics is an athletic wear and accessories company co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013. The company aims at inspiring women and empowers them to be the best version of themselves, be strong regardless of their age, shape or size. They have been focused since their establishment in being a fashion-forward athleisure brand, designed to be all-encompassing and empowering. This has seen them develop into a $250m organization from a little start in a very short time.

In 2013, there was not stylish, quality athleisure brand in the market at a reasonable cost. This was when Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg came up with the idea of starting an athleisure brand. They wanted to change the market that was flooded with black and grey costly women workout gear, but they needed a partner to go about it. The first person to cross their mind was Kate Hudson. Her approachable nature, active lifestyle and not taking herself too serious represented what they wanted in developing Fabletics.

From day one of their partnership, she was actively involved in running things in the company. From reviewing budgets to picking social media strategy to be involved in the design process, she was extremely involved in ensuring that the styles remain fresh at all times. She goes over sales numbers weekly to tell which clothing is selling and which are not. She has strived to ensure clear communication is their priority. All her efforts have not gone in vain and have seen it grow rapidly.

Fabletics know that the customer is the pillar of any business. To ensure their customers are satisfied with the quality of their services, they have upgraded their customer support service. They have also strived to have proper inventory levels by implementing new data system. This saw them get a top rating from Better Business Bureau and a good customer satisfaction score in under two years. Their commitment to giving quality customer service has seen it rapidly develop.

Another factor that has seen Fabletics develop rapidly is their collaboration with their parent company, TechStyle Fashion Group. The parent company had financial strength, well experienced in the world of online fashion and well resourceful. Fabletics did not have to hire their own professionals for developing it; they shared resources with the parent company.

Their data-driven approach to business facilitated greatly in growing. The approach permits them to gather information at multiple levels and send it upstream. The data allows them to provide their customers with a perfect outfit of their choice by using the personalized information they obtain at the retail store level. Their production schedule is also well streamlined using such data.

Most things are done digitally nowadays. Online reviews play a crucial role when customers are making a purchase. Most people do a research on a business by reading the reviews of previous customers before buying their services or products. Fabletics has known this secret of running a business successfully and they have leveraged the prominence of reviews in today’s client journey. This has consequently made them grow rapidly. If you want to find the best Fabletics gear for you, kindly take the Lifestyle Quiz.