A List Of Candidates Supported By End Citizens United

End Citizens United(ECU) is a political action committee that is trying to bring the election process back to the American people. After Citizens United v FEC, the Supreme Court decided that corporations should be able to buy elections anonymously. End Citizens United is working to bring voting power back to the average citizen.

ECU is doing this by getting behind Democrats who are challenging incumbent Republicans that accept big donations from big companies.

End Citizens United has seen success at polling stations during special elections in 2018. With the mid-term elections creeping closer, ECU has a long list of candidates ready to knock-off several prominent Republican politicians. ECU doesn’t have the power to change the Supreme Court’s mind, but it does have the power to educate citizens and help them make the correct decision at the polling booth.

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A lot of people will have their eyes on Texas in the upcoming November election. Specifically, they will be watching to see if Ted Cruz gets replaced by Beto O’Rourke. Cruz, who once delayed a Senate vote by reading Dr. Seuss, is currently a Senator in Texas. Beto O’Rourke, who is currently serving in the House, will attempt to take Cruz’s seat this Fall.

Randy Bryce, another candidate supported by End Citizens United, was planning on taking Paul Ryan’s seat from him. Bryce will have to come up with a new campaign plan as Paul Ryan has announced that he will not be seeking reelection. Randy Bryce is an Army veteran and formally worked as an ironworker.

Andy Kim has vowed never to accept corporate money. He is a Rhodes Scholar currently running for New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District. He is running against Tom MacArthur, who may be remembered as a public-figure for the TrumpCare bill, which failed to pass in Congress. It is estimated that McArthur has accepted over $1 million from big corporate political action committees.

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